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[User Deleted]
Posted at 10:49 PM on 5/15/2011
I live in Huntington Beach and like to play in the waves. I am looking for someone that is interested in paddling Kern river this summer. I don't know anyone that kayaks so if you are local and looking for paddlers...let me know
Posted at 7:47 AM on 5/16/2011
my draw back is i live here and we call it the Killer Kern for a resen, but my fav place is monache meadows, it has miles of smooth water on the south fork of the kern river.
but you need 4x4 to get there
[User Deleted]
Posted at 12:19 PM on 5/18/2011
Sounds like a great spot Mike. Please let me know if you want to paddle some time. I will be up there for Memorial weekend, let me know.