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Posted at 2:59 PM on 8/16/2010
On August 19th, I will be hiking up to Saddle Peak and returning via the Cold Creek Preserve. I hope you will be able to join me.
Posted at 4:29 PM on 8/16/2010
Hey Ben,

I think you probably wanted to write that you'll be hiking on Sunday, August 29th, and not this Thursday, August 19th.
Posted at 6:01 AM on 8/17/2010
You're right, Lee. Thanks. Someone put the 1 and 2 too close together on my keyboard.
Posted at 10:25 AM on 8/17/2010
Ben, I don't think it was the keyboard's fault as much as the 1 or 2 too many you had when you wrote it up.
Posted at 11:47 AM on 8/17/2010
Do you mean like this, Paul?