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Posted at 6:27 PM on 7/26/2010
Hello Calabasas Day Hikers,

As some of you already know, I’ve been recovering from back surgery and I am now ready to lead a series of treks along various ridges in the Santa Monica Mountains again which will eventually prepare me for more challenging ridges in The San Gabriel Mountains. I’ll start off with shorter events, but challenging, which will increase in distance each time.
For those that have not hiked with me before, I want you to know that the hikes I lead are usually off the main trails (those paths far less traveled). They sometimes involve class 3 rock climbing (scrambling up steep terrain with both feet and hands) as well. I find these far more challenging and rewarding and would like to share these with those interested.
I’ll start off with CALABASA RIDGE “In search of...” August 1st and I hope to post others each weekend after that which will include the following:
and many others.

I’m looking forward to leading some exploratory hikes, as well, again.

Paul Taylor