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Posted at 4:03 PM on 4/27/2010
Good afternoon hikers,

I would like your input on some future hikes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please respond in the "Comments" section, or email me at

On May 16th I am planning to hike to Sandstone Peak. I will write it up soon.

Thanks for your help,

Ben Batchelor
Posted at 4:56 PM on 4/27/2010
Ben, I think we should go to Strawberry Peak during the later part of may 2010 & Mt. Baldy in June 2010
Posted at 5:19 PM on 4/27/2010
Bob and all, you can forget about Strawberry peak anytime soon plus it's illegal to park anywhere on ACH2 west of Islip Saddle
Posted at 1:43 PM on 4/28/2010
Hi Ben,

When we met, I told you that Liz and I had done some hikes in the Malibu area prior to joining you for your Calabasas Peak hike.

One of them was the Mishe Mokwa/Sandstone Peak trail system, and I will try to make that one. The others we did in the area, that you might want to consider leading, are Solstice Canyon and the Sycamore Canyon/La Jolla Loop in Point Mugu State Park.

Solstice has a nice waterfall at its end where the 1960's house used to be, and all of the upper trails have great scenery and views of the ocean.

Pt. Mugu's trails are similar, but the La Jolla Valley Loop is a beautiful hike through a meadow that might be still be full of wildflowers. It also has some great ocean views northward into Oxnard.

And then there's the Bridge to Nowhere hike, which I will try to lead in June, that I measured at about 12 miles with my GPS last Sunday. We did about 6-7 stream crossings each way, and some of the pools we had to cross may have been at waist level. If you have some shoes/boots that drain quickly (tennis shoes are OK), along with non-cotton clothing, now is the time to do this hike because the water is very cooling after being in the hot sun.

See ya on the trails,

Posted at 6:51 AM on 5/2/2010
How about doing the "New Millenium Trail" in Calabasas. Its about 8 miles.
Posted at 12:37 PM on 5/4/2010
Hi Ben,
Hondo Canyon starting at Old Topanga is one of my favorites
Posted at 1:25 PM on 5/4/2010
Bob Patel said:

Ben, I think we should go to Strawberry Peak during the later part of may 2010 & Mt. Baldy in June 2010

Are you interested in leading these hikes Bob?