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Posted at 3:49 PM on 12/6/2011
Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 1:53 PM

> To...
> With the help of some dear friends, you may have already heard that Richard passed away Sunday, 4 December. It was a sudden accident where fell while he was on the San Gabriel River bed near the 605 freeway. He wanted to do some Geocaching while I ran to the store. With apprehension, he took a Razor Scooter (non-motorized) thinking it would speed up his time so we could meet up to finish our errands before attending my daughters birthday party. I don't believe he was on the path very long before the accident occurred.
> Today is the autopsy to confirm if he had a heart attack and then fell down the cement river bank or did he trip and fall and the fall caused the heart attack. We have been told that his fall was seen so they were able to reach him quickly to call 911 and Michael, his son, as we believe he was the last person he spoke to on his cell. No matter how hard they tried they couldn't get his heart to start beating. We are told we will have the results by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.
> His son's, Michael, Jeffery and I are working together to figure out what to do from here and when to have the service for him. Richard's wishes have always been to have his ashes scattered in the mountains. We haven't recovered from the loss of his son Jonny, three months ago, so this is extremely difficult.
> I will do my best to keep you informed and I would appreciate if you could pass the news on to those I have missed.
> Please let me know if I can include anyone on future emails (or if you would like your name removed). I know that part of Richard's healing from his loss was to send emails to all those who loved Jonny. I can see why it was important to him. It helps to keep from crying and keep your mind occupied.
> I can't imagine my life without Richard. I hurt to my core and yet I can hear him telling me I'll be okay. I just don't feel so right now. I would be okay if he was here.
> Please forgive me...
> I will keep you posted when a date is set for the service.
> much love you all
> Pam Bailey
Posted at 7:27 PM on 12/6/2011
This is very grim news and I'm sorry to hear it. I count Richard as one of my sincere friends in Los Angeles. Though I'll miss his tales and knowledge I know I'll always find him when I'm in Bear Canyon.

Farewell Richard!
Posted at 7:57 AM on 12/7/2011
My condolences. Richard was "The Outdoors Club."