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Posted at 10:27 AM on 4/20/2011
With plans to open the front range for hiking again, a lot of trails are in need for some work. Since the Station Fire, much if not all of the hiking trails have been closed to all visitors. In the very near future much of the area south of Mt. Lowe will be once again open to hiking.
On May 7th, we will be working on a short section of trail between Camp Hi Hill & Valley Forge in the West Fork area just east of Red Box. We started the work on California Trails Day so we hope to get this short section of trail completed. This section is near the canyon floor and the Station Fire burnt right through here. The subsequent rains and rushing water have played havoc with the area too. So our work will be cut out for us. But for those of you whom have been out with us in the past know... what esle is new.
We will be meeting on Angeles Crest Highway just north of the 210 freeway in La Canada @ 7:30am. If the crest has been repaired and is open, we will drive up to Red Box via the ACH. If it is still closed, and I think it will be, we will have to take a long detour around and up Big Tujunga Canyon. Only time will tell. If anyone wishes, they can meet us up at Red Box between 8:00 & 8:15am.
From Red Box back to Valley Forge is a short drive on a dirt road. Trucks & high clearance vehicles are best for this drive. So anyone with that type of vehicle will be very much welcome. If you do plan on joining in, please sign in or e-mail me. This way I make sure we have plenty of tools for everyone. If you have hand saws, shovels, loppers or McClods, feel free to bring them along. I will be doing a recon of the rest of the trail before hand so I should have a better idea of exactly what needs to be done. Considering there has been literally no foot traffic on the trail for about 2 years, I'm sure there will be no shortage of things to do.
Everyone should wear good work or hiking boots. 8" high is recommended buy not a priority. NO tennis shoes will be allowed. Long pants & long sleeved shirts are recommended. A good pair of work gloves, safety glasses & hat hat if you have them. Bring a lunch & water. We will not be near the vehicles so make sure you have your day packs. Other optional items... a hat, sunscreen, bug repellant, camera and a good sense of enjoyment.
We are trying to comply with Forest Service guidelines as far as shoes & clothing. The 8" high boots are recommended as well as long pants & long sleeved shirts.
If you have any questions??? Feel free to e-mail me @
Thanks and we'll See You On The Mountain!
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