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I miss the outdoors club !
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Posted 10:56 PM 4/20/2019

I miss the outdoors club !

what happen to everyone ?

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Posted 7:25 PM 6/4/2019
Yeah, What did happen to this website?
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Posted 5:44 PM 6/20/2019
Anything we I can help with to bring it back to its old glory and fun ?
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Posted 2:53 AM 9/18/2019
Meetup pretty much killed it. There is an outdoors club group on facebook but it is not very active.
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Posted 4:27 PM 9/26/2019
The drag is I paid 100 dollars as Tim charged us. I never got my promised t-shirt and the group stopped soon after. He kept the money of course and the few times I tried to post ski trips afterward he never allowed it. Furthermore, he seems to have locked me out of my own profile so I can't access anything-no pictures nothing. Great way to treat someone that helped grow and make this group great Tim!