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What's happening in 2013?
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Posted 9:46 AM 1/6/2013

I haven't logged into my account in a long time, and I don't see any events posted for southern ca for Jan/Feb? Where is everyone?

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Posted 3:51 PM 1/17/2013
Once ODC started charging a fee, most of the leaders moved over to "that other" site...
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Posted 3:19 PM 3/4/2013
So sad :( I had so much fun for a few years and made so many good friends through the ODC.
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Posted 10:47 PM 9/27/2013

It is not the same club as it was about 5 years ago. It is a completely different club that uses old name and logo. Number of events are reduced, and you can not find new or old friend here anymore. I would like to find any other online outdoor club which posts trips and events similar as old Outdoors Club did few years ago. Please provide links or names if you know any.

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Posted 9:40 AM 9/30/2013
Well, if anyone is interested, I just created a new FB group called San Diego Outdoors Club. Maybe we can bring back to life the fun we all used to have here in SD.