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Malibu Coast Two Step Bicycle Camping Tour
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Posted 12:59 PM 4/25/2012
This thread has been created as a forum to discuss the following trip:
Trip Name: Malibu Coast Two Step Bicycle Camping Tour
Date: from 05/19/2012 9:00 AM to 05/20/2012 5:00 PM
Posted by: Gregg Beytin
Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 10:09 PM 6/2/2012
I'm thinking I might join you for a bike ride on one of the days (but not camp). Do you think that would work Gregg? As it gets closer, I will figure out if I might ride out with you all on Satd., then ride back home (or take the bus) Satd. afternoon. Thanks.
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Posted 9:52 PM 6/7/2012
Hi Gregg -I'm interested...Will send you an email.
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Posted 10:26 PM 6/17/2012
Gregg, Thanks for organizing! I hope you all made it back safely! It was a beautiful ride home.
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Posted 10:53 AM 6/18/2012
Thanks for the photos Ken. Gregg and Audrey, thanks for your hospitality and another great trip. I will posting some photos shortly
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Posted 12:29 PM 6/18/2012
Thanx Gregg for leading and for the bike.
Michael i owe you for two tokens and a contribution to firewood.
Hey Ken --hope you enjoyed the ride home, ... we did take that little turn to the right to avoid the hill :-).
Judi- how fun to see you again!!
Thanx for the support and friendliness everyone.
Nice pictures!