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Big Sur year 5 - hiking, good eats, hot tubbing an
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Posted 1:14 PM 5/21/2012
thanks for organizing Skip I had a great time
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Posted 4:47 PM 5/21/2012
Skip, thanks again for all your work. Doug and Maria, what a catering job! A great outing!
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Posted 5:24 PM 5/21/2012
Thanks Skip for organizing. It was great to see you and even Bob. Great to make new friends too! Such a nice time and a beautiful place! Looking forward to the pics.
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Posted 11:05 PM 5/21/2012
Great trip, thanks for planning it, and for driving and making the reservations for Esalen! Thanks Doug & Maria for the gourmet cheese spread and shrimp quesadillas!  
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Posted 8:47 AM 5/22/2012
Thanks to all involved for a very memorable trip. I can't say enough about the eats; it seems to get better and better, but this might be tough to top! There are too many good pictures to post (and a few embarrassing ones). I'll try to send individual ones out if I have your email. Until next we meet on the trail...
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Posted 12:28 AM 5/23/2012
Skipper, thanks for the effort. We had a great time and always love Big Sur. Posted some pics and more here:!i=1863254228&k=LBLM35L
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Posted 1:02 PM 5/23/2012
Outstanding pics Doug!!!
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