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Looking for Dual Sport Dirt Bike Riders
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Posted 2:06 PM 12/23/2011

Hey dirt bike riders!!

I'm looking for some new moto riding friends!! I just got a dirt bike again (Yamaha WR400 with a license plate). I used to ride for years but havent had a bike these last 2 years. I hope to find experienced riders who like the great outdoors, and aren't big on riding off the trail and attracting unwanted attention along the way. 420 friendly riders are a plus.

I don't work a regular job, so I am free all the time to ride!! I'm looking for riding friends who like to do anything from day rides locally, to camping for the weekend - or the week - or longer, exploring anywhere from Southern California, Arizona, Utah or beyond? I'm experienced and very knowledgeable in navigating Southern Utah trails. Rode there for years regularly, so if you ever wanted to see Utahs most spectacular scenery, I'm your guy. I'm really into scenery, more so than big acrobatic jumps, etc. I like to enjoy the view from camp and the trail, my trip destinations revolve around the greatest views with the funnest trails.

So hit me up if you like to ride! I'm ready to go starting Jan 2nd and beyond...