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Some ODC Members!
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Posted 10:12 PM 2/15/2008
Thank you everyone for coming to my post! However, I got the message from the guy and he is threating me with a law suit if I don't stop this post! However, I did have good enough two days on amusing him. So let's take it a rest now!  Thank you again for all the nice and fun POSTING! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
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Posted 11:25 PM 2/15/2008
Oh, for the love of Pete.

Nevermind. Not my business

[User Deleted]
Posted 3:11 PM 2/16/2008

Color me surprised! 

I called the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, posing as the crack ODC lawyer, and they admitted that the alter ego of ebay_avionics (EA) has contacted them about a personal injury libel lawsuit against Lili.  They mentioned that their proposed remedy will likely run into 7 figures.

Evidently, my impression of ebay_avionics was wrong, and he must be the slimeball that Lili originally noted.  As anyone who has seen the TV commercials for Larry H. Parker, I'd be very afraid, Lili.  Maybe a complete apology for not learning English well enough to suit EA's needs would be in order.

Lizzie, when will you be enjoyiing that thesaurus of yours?  May I suggest a Pinot Noir to accompany it.  This varietal will accent the pasty taste of the paper and enhance the slight bitterness of the ink. 

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Posted 4:00 PM 2/16/2008
I substituted a prefab egg salad sandwich from Starbucks. I think the thesaurus would've tasted better.

Looks like you've been "enjoyiing" some vino yourself? ;-)
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Posted 6:09 PM 2/16/2008

Thank You Liz! That was a very nice post you wrote last night but you delete it???  Well, thank you again for being kind ! We should all get alone right? It is a small world after all.....

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Posted 12:42 PM 2/9/2012

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