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This forum is used to discuss trips and topics in Southern California.

Some ODC Members!
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Posted 11:15 PM 2/13/2008
Hey Lili relax, we appreciate you and your postings. personally I think your an awesome little gal with a lot of energy.  I wouldn't undertake most of your outings cause I probably would never be able to keep up with you.  The dude is probably just  in love with you and just has a communication problem. So just let it roll off "like water on a duck's back!" Plus I never cared much for bullies!
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Posted 8:35 AM 2/14/2008
oh noes omg pleez i dunno u leederz git no thnx sumtimz diskrimination

'K bai LOL

i luvs u

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Posted 9:32 AM 2/14/2008
I need to have a word with that guy about capitalizing sentences and proper nouns.
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Posted 9:43 AM 2/14/2008

I have no idea what this is all about, but ...did someone ever come up with an English-to-SoCal translation guide? I need it to decipher Alice's post above.   : )

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Posted 10:24 AM 2/14/2008

I found out who he is! But I like Alice's commands so much that I don't think I'd delete this Forum....Should I? Should I not???? 

Happy Valentine's day! Everyone!  




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Posted 10:48 AM 2/14/2008
Lili, happy Valentine's day to you!

Don't take any abuse girl, and you probably already know that as an event leader you may delete any one from any of your trips, right? no need to wait for the bully to delete himself, and no need for an explanation. I hope this feature still exists (I have not posted a trip in a while).

As far as your use of the English language, well.....I always know what you mean! good communication does not need to be grammatically correct, right? we do live in SoCal after all....
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Posted 12:04 PM 2/14/2008

Yeah!  Can you believe that?  People would do crazy things like that, email none-sense to others.  Also in one of my event, one lady emailed everyone in the group and signed it as a male...

Happy Valentine's day to all, filled with great ....... whatever you wish!!!

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Posted 12:15 PM 2/14/2008
J-Fo, alice is single-handedly trying to make LOLcat-speak the new international language. Remember when Esperanto was going to unite us all under one shared tongue?

In the spirit of the Valentine's Day:

kthxbai secksy
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Posted 1:15 PM 2/14/2008

Lizzie, is your use of the phrase "one shared tongue" on Valentines Day deliberately intended to bait the fringies?

For some reason that pic reminds me of a Simpsons episode (come to think of it, what doesn't?). Homer sprayed himself with a TAG-like body spray presumably intended to attract women. Instead, within seconds every cat in the neighborhood was pawing at him...

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Posted 1:36 PM 2/14/2008
The fringies need no baiting. They are locked, cocked, and ready to rock, 24/7.

The Homer story reminds me that the Flex shampoo I bought at the 99 Cents Only store smells distinctly like OFF! Deep Woods ® insect repellent.

Be mine?

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Posted 1:57 PM 2/14/2008

Only if you'll slather me up with some of that Deep Woods Off.

Wait, is this thread getting off topic?

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Posted 3:52 PM 2/14/2008

I can handle the SoCal-English translation better than Babelfish. Dude, how can I, like, help?
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Posted 5:41 PM 2/14/2008
A lady of my delicate sensibilities does not slather anything on anyone, J-Fo. Shudder.

Spritz? Yes. Slather? No.
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Posted 5:46 AM 2/15/2008

Liz:  Spritz if you like 364 days a year. Valentines Day calls for a good ol' fashioned slatherin'. Alas, it's now February 15 so I guess the point is moot...

Cham:  I don't think Babelfish got its name by accident. Some of their "translations" are downright humorous.

[User Deleted]
Posted 10:44 AM 2/15/2008

I know ebay_avionics and I think someone must have hijacked his e-mail account. He is a caring and loving individual who respects all nationalities, all colors, all religions, and all sexual preferences. He would never make comments like that about anyone's lack of English skills.

He is a pillar of the community.  He regularly volunteers at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Long Beach, as well as the Grant AME Church.

And he loves Asian food!

Right, Lizzie????

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Posted 11:39 AM 2/15/2008
Could you people keep it down, please? I have the worst Wienershnitzel kraut dog hangover. Ungggggh.
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Posted 11:41 AM 2/15/2008
^ Just to clarify: kraut as in sauerkraut. I wouldn't want Herr Eismann to take umbrage. Wink.
[User Deleted]
Posted 12:00 PM 2/15/2008
After eating at Wienerschnitzel (please learn to spell it correctly!), I normally take Pepto Bismol, not umbrage.
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Posted 12:11 PM 2/15/2008
Spelling Nazi. ;-)

And with that, the thread comes full circle!
[User Deleted]
Posted 12:29 PM 2/15/2008

My results after taking this Spelling Nazi quiz.  The Fatherland would be so proud!

"You are the Adolf Hitler of spelling. Your grammatic regimen is so strict, no errors get past you, and no one with bad grammar talks to you for very long. If anyone doesn't use at least relatively good grammar, they don't have a chance with you. (By the way, there were eight intentional spelling errors, if you found more, check on them to be sure they are errors and let me know. I don't want to be a hypocrite.)"

I also found the eight spelling errors and answered that one correctly.

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