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14th annual Festival of Whales
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Posted 4:01 PM 1/27/2005
This thread has been created as a forum to discuss the following trip:

Trip Name: 14th annual Festival of Whales
Date: from 3/5/2005 to 3/6/2005
Posted by: Lily

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 10:22 AM 2/23/2005
I'd be interested in an afternoon whale watching tour on either day. If other people express an interest, maybe Lily can coordinate? Thanks.
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Posted 5:05 PM 2/23/2005
hey. im a newbie to this site. what is the festival of whales and where is it?
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Posted 3:37 PM 2/28/2005

Hi Folks,

Hope everybody is doing great.  Time for an update re: our wk-end's Festival of Whales in Dana Point. 

The Festival of Whales Parade is on Sat. 3/5 beginning at 10am.  The route extends along PCH from Selva Road to Golden Lantern in Dana Point.  It looks like it'll be a ton of fun but I have other plans Sat. morn.  For those who are going Sat., let me know and I'll coordinate the place/time for you guys/gals to meet up.

I'll be there Sun. 3/6 to kickstart our fun day.  Here's our plan, am open to suggestions.  We'll meet up at 11am at the Mariner's Village (see map & directions below) and take the shuttle up Golden Lantern to the Street Faire that's just North at La Plaza, just in time for lunch!  After some yummy food and done checking out the booths, we'll shuttle off to Doheny Beach to catch a free 2pm "Afternoon Fish Feeding program"

Doheny State Beach Fish-feeding Programs

Come see what's hidden in the simulated tide pool and incredible fish tank habitats at Doheny State Beach's Visitor Center as they come out to feed at 2:00 pm.

We'll then head back to Mariner's Village & end the day browsing around the "Niguel Art Association Show & Sale" at the Harbor Boardwalk along the docks in Mariner's Village on the south side of Harpoon Henry's restaurant.  We may even catch a nice sunset and some light dinner by end of the day, if anyone is interested.  

Niguel Art Association Show & Sale
The Niguel Art Association, a nonprofit organization supporting a scholarship program for local art students, will host a juried art show and sale from 9:30 a.m.†to 5 p.m.† The art will be on display at the Harbor Boardwalk along the boat docks in Mariner's Village on the south side of Harpoon Henry's restaurant.† Watercolor, oil, acrylic, photography, and other media by many award-winning artists will be available for purchase.

Directions to the Mariner's Village:

*From the Los Angeles area, take the Interstate 5 Fwy. South and exit PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

*From the San Diego area, take the Interstate 5 Fwy. North, exit Beach Cities off ramp.

Both these exits will take you directly into Dana Point.

Take a left at the 2nd signal, Dana Point Harbor Drive.

Take your next left at Golden Lantern.

Golden Lantern will turn to the left and dead ends into the Harbor parking lot.

Mapquest: 34675 Golden Lantern St, Dana Point, CA 92629-2908


Please use this message board, and et me know who's going Sat. or Sun. so I have an idea who we should be waiting for to show up.

Looking forward to meeting y'all soon.



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Posted 3:43 PM 2/28/2005

Duh, the map gif isn't getting uploaded.  Please refer to the Dana Point map at:

btw, those who are interested to do a whale watching excursion, all the info is online at but I'd be happy to help coordinate.


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Posted 4:15 PM 2/28/2005

I'll be there on Sunday. Your plan sounds good. Look forward to seeing you.


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Posted 6:08 PM 3/4/2005

  I'm in for Saturday if anyone else is interested?