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This forum is used to discuss trips and topics in Southern California.

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Posted 10:58 PM 1/26/2005
This thread has been created as a forum to discuss the following trip:

Date: from 2/19/2005 to 2/19/2005
Posted by: Verdi Tanriverdi

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 10:36 PM 2/9/2005
NOTE:  If anyone is planning to rent snowshoes, do it soon.  Some places may run out of them.
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Posted 12:02 AM 2/16/2005


C2C is not recommended this time of year, unless you are well accomplished ice climber.

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Posted 1:07 AM 2/16/2005


We are nearing the snowshoeing event.  As of to day the snowshoeing event is still on as planned. The weather conditions will be suitable for our snowshoeing event. There is 40% chance for on and off snow before noon, but we will not know exact conditions until Thursday or Friday. This will be a warmer storm and scattered snows will not change our plans, actually will create safer snowshoeing conditions due to powders on ground. If we did not have fresh snow, I would be more concerned about icy conditions that could have required some other specialty equipment.

We will move as a group, nobody will be left behind or allowed to leave the group. If you have a walkie talkie, bring it and set it to channel 8.8. If you plan to use a GPS let me know so I can e mail exact coordinants for the trail and POI’s.

Hope you are ready for a good snowball fight(I know at least one, who is ready) and built the biggest snowman San Jacinto ever saw, of course after the hike.

Take care,


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Posted 3:00 PM 2/16/2005

Hello Verdi,


I apologize for not being able to make it, but I need to cancel my place for the snowshoe trip.

Thank you for the offer and I hope you have a fun adventure out there.



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Posted 1:32 PM 2/18/2005

The snowshoeing event is on as scheduled.  We will take the 9:00AM tram up.  We will be meeting at 8:30 AM in the tram parking lot.  It will be fun doing it while snowing.

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Posted 10:33 PM 2/19/2005

There were lightening, there were avalanches, there was a below 30 degree blizzard conditions, wind was blowing at 100 miles an hour, with wind shield factor... OK! OK! I am exaggerating. The conditions were a lot better than that. It was just a lousy snow all day long and that was it... but we still managed to have fun in spite of not having all of the above..

Thank you everyone, who participated and shared great moments with each other. I think we built the largest best looking snow women ever built in Jan Jacinto. We proved once again the ODC members can built snow women..or mans. One of the best group ever, hope to see you all again.