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Looking for Hiking Suggestions
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Posted 10:27 AM 1/25/2005

I will be traveling from Wisconsin to LA arriving the morning of Feb 12 with my girlfriend and we are looking to do some hiking in the area.  We have Saturday - Monday morning.  The level would most likely be beginning to intermediate (we don't have mountains).  I would welcome any suggestions on the area to hike and where to stay.  I will have a rental car.



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Posted 11:16 AM 1/25/2005

If you stay in the Pasadena area, you will have easy access to the Angeles Crest Highway (2) and all of the mountain hiking trails right off of the road.  In addition, most major north-south roads in Pasadena end at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and many have hiking trails.

On Saturday, you could sign up for this ODC hike:

An then on Sunday, an easy one with a waterfall would be Switzer's Falls.

You can take a look at the following web site for a list of local hikes, but you probably want to stay away from hikes with elevations over 7000' due to snow levels - as you have probably seen enough of that!