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Echo MOUNTAIN, Mountain, mountain...
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Posted 8:18 PM 1/23/2005
This thread has been created as a forum to discuss the following trip:

Trip Name: Echo MOUNTAIN, Mountain, mountain...
Date: from 1/29/2005 to 1/29/2005
Posted by: ken riedel

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 8:57 PM 1/23/2005

I didn't see the start times listed.

Also, it's a bit  l o n g e r  than a quarter mile up Chaney Trail from the bast to the trailhead...

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Posted 8:57 AM 1/28/2005

I noticed this trip disappeared off of the calander.  I am surprised that there was no formal notification from the leader.

I would still be game to do this hike if anyone is interested.  I would start at the trailhead at the end of Chaney Trail (not the Lake St. trailhead).  This route offers 2.5 miles of asphalt...making this a less muddy route.  Anyone can email me if they are interested.