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Mountain Bikes FOR SALE
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Posted 9:39 PM 1/20/2005
I have 2 Schwinn Impact mountain bikes, a man's
& woman's, for sale. They are the basic mountain bikes. Multi-speed, knobby tires, no shocks. The new price on these was $400 ea, and they can be had at a rock bottom price. Make an offer!!! The owner rode them only 2 times. They are in their 70's and moving to Washington. There is also a heavy duty boat/kiack/canoe rack. Will attach to any vehicle with rain gutters on it. Need a Kenmore washer & dryer???? Got the pair, 3 years old & WORK GREAT!!! Make offers on anything .
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Posted 9:51 PM 1/21/2005


There is actually a gear for sale section.  It does not seem as though it gets used a lot...but this looks like the perfect post for there.  Good luck selling the bikes.