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Mt. Wilson Trail from Sierra Madre -- Yeah Baby!
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Posted 8:46 PM 1/20/2005
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Trip Name: Mt. Wilson Trail from Sierra Madre -- Yeah Baby!
Date: from 2/12/2005 to 2/12/2005
Posted by: ken riedel

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Total posts: 4
Joined: 14 year(s) ago
Posted 11:13 AM 1/22/2005

I've received several emails asking about the condition of the trail after the torrent of rain we received earlier this month.  Obviously, 10-20 inches of rain had a huge impact both on the infrastructure where we live and work and on the backcountry trails where we hike and play.


I hiked the Mt. Wilson Trail Sunday during the rains and got to scramble over countless debris flows covering the trail.  Parts of it were almost impassible.  It rained another day and a half after that, so I had my doubts that the trail would be usable for quite a while.


The following week I was on the trail again, to see what the last of the rain had done.  To my amazement, the trail was fine.  I guess some dedicated volunteers got to work on it immediately after the rains (whoever your are, THANK YOU).  In fact, you'll probably enjoy the trail more now, since the landscape has been literally reshaped in some areas by the storms.  Whole sections of the mountain slid down into the gulleys, leaving huge swaths of exposed topsoil.  The effect is striking.


Bottom line:  Hiking conditions are ideal.  There's never been a better time to hit the trail.