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Mellower snow in the mtns
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Posted 5:01 PM 1/20/2005
Well if anyone's looking for mellower snow conditions, Mt. Pinos was nice last Saturday. The road was plowed to McGill campground (el. ~7500'), and by afternoon snow players had parked on roadside for about 2 miles down the hill. There's miles of forest service roads/trails for snowshoers, skiers etc (bring a map & compass and know how to use them). This weekend it should be plowed all the way to the top of the road at Chula Vista campground (but call the Los Padres ranger to be sure).

Snowpack was 116 cm deep (almost 4 feet). On a north-facing aspect, 7900' elevation, it was consolidated and firm. There was a thin (1cm) ice layer about 8cm down from the surface, but warm temps and moisture had totally bonded it with snow above and below. We couldn't get a shovel shear test to make any clean breaks. There is a temperature gradient under this thin ice layer, indicating the potential for weakening snow in the future...
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Posted 7:18 PM 1/20/2005
Nice Avi report!