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Chantry Flats
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Posted 2:35 PM 1/20/2005
The road leading up to Chantry Flats may be closed for a year!!!! The road was undercut in some areas and has 9 slides on it. The pack station ower is out of there, probably for good!!! One can walk or ride a bkie up but as for cars, don't plan on it for quite some time. Complaine all you want, but it won't do any good. To many different agencies involved there and the cost to rebuild the road is staggering. YES!!! They are talking..rebuild!!
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Posted 1:22 PM 1/29/2005
There was an article in the Pasadena Star News today about the Chantry Flats road. You can tell from the pictures (only one of which is available online) why it won't be reopening anytime soon.

Pasadena Star News article