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South Fork Trail to Islip Saddle
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Posted 4:33 PM 1/19/2005
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Trip Name: South Fork Trail to Islip Saddle
Date: from 2/6/2005 to 2/6/2005
Posted by: geolyn carvin

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 8:59 PM 1/19/2005

Just wanted to pass on some info regarding South Fork.  I've descended South Fork on my mtn bike twice and a friend has done it several times.  There are usually many landslides on the top half of the trail and with the recent weather the trail may be obliterated in places.  It is an absolutely beautiful canyon so it will probably be worth doing even if there are poor trail conditions.

One warning with South Fork Campground in the winter is the possibility of vandalism to cars if there are not many people around.  The friend mentioned above had all the windows of his pickup broken out during a ride, and a friend of his another time had his mirror and a taillight broken.  Both incidents were in the winter when there weren't any other cars parked in the area, and both times they had only one vehicle.  Maybe with several cars parked it won't be a problem but next time I ride in the area I'll probably start from the Devil's Punchbowl side.