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The Great Geocaching/Biking/Pie-Eating Relay Race
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[User Deleted]
Posted 5:32 PM 2/1/2005
Quote: Originally posted by Verdi Tanriverdi on 24 January 2005


"If any1 named Jason/ Rudy signup plz put them on D same team! "

When I posted this in my sign up comments, it meant to put both on the same team.. NOT MINE!! 

Even if those BOTH LOOSERS are on the same team, they will have no chance of winning any competition at all(..though they may have a chance at pie-eating contest).  I would even bet on that.

They may even beat the snutt out of each other, confused and argueing about which trail to take..

LOOSERS!  I think they know that, and even scared to sign up for the event. 

I dont want to fight Jason, he will win and I dont like to lose!

I apologize to the seven people(yes seven) who have emailed me directly and tried to get me to respond to this posting, I havent checked this board for several months, I no longer have a job so I cant do the "at work but not working"-thing and play around on discussion boards all day long while getting paid for it.(Boy, those were the days!) When you are unemployed you suddenly have no time to waste anymore... (anyone seen Office Space?) Perhaps one day I will find a big corporate job again and I'll be able to sit on IM and various other time-wasters while carefully listening for footsteps of other employees coming up behind me,(just remember to have another window up that looks like work and hit ALT and TAB  at the same time, try it now!) but for now, I must go outside. See ya'll in a few months when I'm working again!


Btw: I still hate emoticons, IMO this website is too sterile looking for an "Outdoors" site, the flake problem has not been solved, I dont like to carpool with odd people I dont know, and why hasn't someone won feat of the week lately??????? Anyone? 

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Posted 9:33 PM 2/1/2005

Hey Rudy,

Sorry you will be missing some fun. 

That darn corporate world..! they use you, abuse you make you work 16 hrs a day and throw you away. 

I heard the pay sucked in S. Africa but the tips were unbelieveble.. 

Don't give up budy!  Keep working hard.. You will make it.. If everything fails, we will start posting a "Great Geocaching events" once a month, all funds going to "support unemployed Rudy" cause..

Rudy, I am glad you are around.  How is RFID plans going?


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Posted 12:39 PM 2/10/2005
After long debating hours by the Board of Directors, President of Name Finding Commitee, it has been decided that "Team! Where Is My Team" to be the official name of our team.  (Unless there is an uprise by the share holders for an overwhelming support for another name).  The name has been chosen from the following of many proposed by our and other Great Geocache team members.  The following names are posted for considerations by others.
- "Team! Where Is My Team!" (the winning name..and the loosers below for your consideration!)
- Geo-launch,
- Geo-lunch and beer  (For Lee's team-still got time to change yours)
- Are we there yet?   (for whatever the team Lisa is on)
- Team GPS..  (the name "PMS" was already taken!)
- Team Tsunami
- Tsunami soldiers!
- Geo-Fights (take off on neophyte, geophyte)
- Geo-Nazis ( I thought of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld-indirect reference to a loosing team not being served burritos by Verdi)
- Geo-Centrics
- Griffith Park Observers  (This maybe a good one for Marty's team)
- Geoletes (geo- and athlete)
- Geoxylates (play on Geo-sexy-athletes..just try to say tree word really fast)
- Where's North?
- Rolling Burritos
- Georittos
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Posted 6:53 PM 2/10/2005
We already have our name, Verdi, it's LOST EXTREMISTAS.  We'll wait up for you at the finish line. 
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Posted 10:53 AM 2/11/2005
Lois, only thing you will be waiting is for someone else to come and find you where ever you are lost at in the park...  You will only be found, if you can relay us a good coordinants..  Don't be to late!  You may only find leftovers to eat.
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Posted 12:37 PM 2/11/2005

You go verdi,

I can verify that he is a good cook.



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Posted 7:44 AM 2/14/2005

we were able to raise $270! a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who helped with this event.

special thanks to Verdi - you rock!

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Posted 12:40 AM 2/16/2005

Gianni, what you did with this event was incredible. We biked, hiked, geocached, competed, got lost, ate good food, drank fine drinks, learned to use GPS (at least I did), had so much fun and you raised $270 for tsunami victims. That is awesome. A big THANK YOU for putting so much time an effort into it to organizing possibly the best and most creative ODC event of the year. Since I learned how to use my GPS and set my POI, we have to do it again.. PLEEZE!! I got to get out of last place finish...could not sleep the last three nites. I will even come out and help you hide the geocaches next time. Thanks again..

If any of you read some of my previous posts... I have a suggestion for you. DO NOT MESS WITH THOSE GUYS!! They are mean!! From far it will look like a bear playing with it’s cub... Don’t mess with them. Although, I wrote mean things... I am sorry guys, please forgive me.. never will do it again. My wrist is still hurting from the last arm wrestle with Marty..

Though, got to admit you guys are cool even if I lose on an arm wrestle or geocaching.

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