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Fishing with kids
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Posted 11:03 AM 1/19/2005

hi all,

i need to find a fishing spot that i can go to with kids, and almost be guaranteed of catching fish. i won't even rule out fish farms, although i'd rather not sink to those levels :)

any ideas?



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Posted 11:32 AM 1/19/2005
If you are looking for guaranteed fish within a reasonable distance of L.A. I'd think that a fish farm is probably your best bet. They do tend to be rather expensive, but kids generally have a GREAT time catching fish after fish! I know of two locations in the greater L.A. area that you might want to try. The first one is Troutdale which is roughly 1/2 way between the 101 fwy. and PCH on Kanan-Dume Rd. in Agoura. The second is a fish farm near Baldy Village (the name escapes me), but you can't miss it if you're driving up Mt. Baldy Rd. Hope this helps!
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Posted 12:39 PM 1/19/2005
If you don't mind crossing the border and a bit of driving, the Sea of Cortez has guaranteed fish...the area around San Felipe is not too far, and camping there is nice too.  You did not say how much time you have, have fun.
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Posted 12:43 PM 1/19/2005

John, as you probably know most of the trout in the creeks and lakes are stocked, I think some time in the spring, so the fishing quality varies accordingly.

We hiked up along the east fork of the San Gabriel river (Bridge to nowhere) last summer and cough fish after fish around dusk.

I would ask the guys at the sport chalet in La Canada for tips on where to go this time of the year.  They also have a guide book for socal fishing.

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Posted 2:45 PM 1/19/2005
Lake     -       Fee    -     Fishing

Anaheim Lakes - $ - Okay
Irvne Lake - $$ - Okay
Green Valley Lake - $ - Good to very good (large fish with with boat)
White Water Fish Hatchery near Palm Springs (not sure they offer fishing)

All the lakes in the Mammoth area are good.
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Posted 3:40 PM 1/19/2005

thanks everyone. a friend sent me this link also:

apparently, they've been stocking pretty heavily at a couple of these lakes. as a matter of fact, Yucaipa park was voted "the #1 picnic spot in the Inland Empire!"

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Posted 9:35 PM 1/19/2005