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Mt. Biking easy to moderate
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Posted 9:43 PM 1/18/2005
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Trip Name: Mt. Biking easy to moderate
Date: from 1/19/2005 to 1/19/2005
Posted by: Daniel Robertson

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Total posts: 1
Joined: 13 year(s) ago
Posted 12:03 PM 1/19/2005
Well looks like I will be doing this one alone.  I will be at Miramar Lake at 1pm in my Red Grand am.  I have a black and grey bike.  So if anyone wantas ato join me last minute I will be there. It is beautiful today.  79 degrees right now!!!! Wow.  I gotta go fill my camel back now. 
[User Deleted]
Posted 12:52 PM 1/19/2005

Try Penasquitos canyon, its just down the street from lake miramar and a much better ride. Head west on Mira Mesa Blvd and make a right on Black Mtn Rd. A few miles down on the left you'll see the signs for penasquitos canyon. Go in the second entrance and parking is free. Stay on the northern set of trails and there is a little bit of single track and a few climbs. There is also a waterfall about three miles into the ride. Out and back can be anywhere from 8 to 10 miles or more depending on which trails you take. You can also try this link for a list of local trails:,States,Trails/California-SanDiego/PLS_4521crx.aspx