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Anybody from Central Calif out there?
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Posted 5:55 PM 1/18/2005
I'm always looking for hiking and backpacking partners...  I live near Porterville, CA  Anybody out there from Bakersfield or Fresno or Visalia or??
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Posted 9:30 PM 1/18/2005

If you'd like to meet some fanstastic people from the Fresno/Visalia area (and also some of us from down south), I recommend that you sign up for one or more of Ken Murray's "trail work" weekends. There will likely be one posted each month through August.

The work is rewarding, the food that's provided for you is fantastic, and you'll meet other people who love to hike and backpack. In addition, the work will be done in your backyard - i.e. the National Forests (Sequoia, Sierra, and Inyo) - so you'l like learn new trails and areas.

For your convenience, I've copied the sign-up info from Ken's trip below:

Trip Name: Huntington Lake weekend trailwork/east of Fresno
Date: from 5/19/2005 to 5/22/2005
Posted by: Ken Murray

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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