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Mount Wilson Trail
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Posted 5:02 PM 1/18/2005

Anyone know the condition of the Mount Wilson Trail out of Sierra Madre?



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Posted 6:57 AM 1/19/2005

From another list:

Been up Mt. Lowe/Chaney above Pasadena/Altadena a few times now.  Some really nasty slides on Altadena Crest Trail makes some parts dangerous (I saw a guy almost
lose his black labrador yesterday.)  The reports are true - don't
attempt Mt. Wilson Toll Road - it's down for a good part of the year
is my guess. 

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Posted 8:43 AM 1/19/2005
EVERYONE!!! If you are going to post a report on any trail, PLEASE make sure you list the trail by it's RIGHT name or number.
There is NO Altadena Crest Trial!!!
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Posted 9:02 AM 1/19/2005


I went up the Mount Wilson trail last Thursday afternoon.  I started late, so I only went up to the manzanita ridge (toll road) and started at the Sierra Madre trail head (by the city park and little historic museum on Miramonte avenue - same start as the hike we did on Dec 12).  I can only speak for the first 5 1/4 miles, but it was passable.  A little tricky in places, but I did it without poles without any major trouble.  Since it has not rained since then, it should be even easier now.

Also, it is full of roaring waterfalls, lots of water and so green, it was incredibly beautiful.

Enjoy your hike!


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Posted 1:16 PM 1/20/2005


Thanks for the info -- much appreciated. Can't wait to see the waterfalls.

Thanks again,