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Trail Conditions
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Posted 2:14 PM 1/17/2005
When hiking, please be aware that the current rains have done heavy damage on many trails in the Angeles & San Bernardino National Forests.
Any trails that are in need of work, be it minor or MAJOR, PLEASE report it to your local Forest Service Headquarters or local Forest Service Office immeadately. This way the Forest Service can start putting crews out where they are needed to get the trails back into safe hiking conditions. At present, ONLY Forest Service trail crews will be doing major work. Once the difficult work is done, then Volunteer crews will be allowed to go in and finish the minor work needed to complete any opening of ay trails. Many trails are need of lots of work after the rains we currently had. With the Angeles Crest Highway still closed, getting to many trails is still an impossible task. ACH should be opened soon. Road conditions can be obtained by calling CHP Road condtions @ 800-427-7623 or Cal-Trans Chileo office @ 626-794-7166
If you feel the need to help, PLEASE contact any Forest Service Office and inquire about the volunteer program. There is one in Little Tujunga Canyon, Angeles N.F. main office is in Arcadia #626-574-1613, San Bernardino's main office is in San Bernardino with a local office in Mentone at Mill Creek #909-382-2881. Look in the phone book for an office near you.