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Huntington Lake weekend trailwork/east of Fresno
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Posted 11:49 PM 4/27/2005

That is the web site that I found the gal who is still not sure to car pool with me. So far she is the only one live in the same city with me. Others are from Southern California.

By the way, I saw from trailcrew web site that we are staying at Camp Edison at Shaver town. May I know what personal gear do I have to bring such as sleeping pad, sleeping bag, head light, etc. I will also post the question on trailcrew forum.

Thanks,  lee

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Posted 8:25 AM 4/28/2005

Well, Lee, that may be the only option that you have.

Alternatively, what some people have done is take public transit to Fresno, then ride up with someone from there.

By the way for you and everyone else, there is an extensive discussion of the issue of what to bring, in the Trail Crew Website Discussion board, under "trip preparation"

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Posted 10:24 AM 4/28/2005

Oh, well... let's keep our fingers crossed that she is still going

Thanks so much for the preparation tips. They are very helpful...

- lee

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Posted 9:32 AM 5/9/2005
Hello everyone,
I am looking for a ride up to this event with anyone leaving Wednesday or Thursday night. I live in Burbank.
Email @ and we will chat.

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Posted 9:46 AM 5/9/2005


I'm still looking to carpool with anyone in LA or even Orange Country if you don't mind swinging by Hermosa Beach when you come up the 405.  I'm wanting to head up Friday after work which would be anytime after 2:30 pm.


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Posted 5:42 PM 5/16/2005


I'm looking for a carpool partner. I live in Rancho Cucamonga-San Bernardino County. I am off the 10 Freeway. I am looking to leave Friday morning.



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