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Extra Joshua Tree Group Site Reservation
[User Deleted]
Posted 8:02 PM 1/13/2005
Howdy, all - Neil "Two-Dogs" Clark (for my 2 Border Collies) here...

I try to organize at least one group-camp-out a year in SoCal; this year, I resolved to return to the Sheep Pass Group Campground in the center of Joshua Tree National Park for late-spring.

Now, anyone who's ever used (or TRIED to use) the P.O.S. that the Nat'l Park Res Svc pretends is a working reservations system understands what a soul-wrenching experience THAT is...

I'd out-smarted them before by mailing in a reservation request for the start of the desired reservations "window", but my try for an April slot failed. So THIS time, I mailed in FOUR reservation requests for any of the weekends in May. But as the tick-over date of January 5 neared, the dorks couldn't tell me if I'd actually GOTTEN any of my requested dates. So there I was, at 7:00 a.m. , trying to complete reservations on their repeatedly-failing site, while on the phone hoping to luck into an intelligent agent. The site said that May 5-8 was already gone, and it failed 3/4 through my request for May 12-15; I re-established contact, and locked in the May 19-22 dates as an operator became available.

Several days later, I called NPRS to make sure there'd been no duplications - and the fellow that answered tentatively assured me there were no other res's in my name.

So wouldn't you know...that evening, I open my mail-box and find a post-card saying that I HAD gotten a duplicate - for the May 5 slot I'd wanted in the first place. But any attempt to clear it up with NPRS will have me bending over for a $13.95 Service Charge - and the chance that they'll farque up the dates I WANT.

I find myself with an extra weekend reservation for one of the most sought-after group sites in the Western U.S. I'm looking into an eBay auction, but I thought I should offer it here, first.

So...what am I bid for a 3-day Res (Thurs, 5-19-05 into Sun, 5-22-05) in Sheep Pass Site #4 - large enough for 30 camping-types.

Please reply to:
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Posted 12:20 PM 1/14/2005

Hey Neil,

I'll take the campsite.  Just let me know how much and where to send the check. 

Does anyone want to go climbing?

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Posted 1:34 PM 1/18/2005

You know we do Tim!