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Update on Baldy...Thurs. Snow!
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Posted 5:21 PM 1/13/2005

Of general interest...;o)

We will re-open for skiing and boarding Thursday afternoon. We are
waiting on the road department to finish up. We did receive 18-24
inches of  snow in the beginning of this crazy storm and Tuesday
another 1-2
inches of new snow. We have a lot more snow up top then we originally
thought. Road conditions permitting, we will open tomorrow with a 3-5
foot base. San Bernadino county is working on the roads as we speak.
We will have plenty of tickets for this weekend.

Check back at (909) 981-3344 later this morning for when the road is
opened. Business office is open for sales at (909) 982-0800

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Posted 12:11 AM 1/16/2005

Was on the Bowl trail on Friday. Trail conditions were bad. We found land slides (7 of them) from the beggining of the bowl trail to the ski hut. Turn around about 50 yards short of the ski hut due to ice fall (base ball size). I did not have a helmet. Lots of snow up there. Saw a few snow fractures where the snow might give way to small avalanches or land slides... lots of trees were snap in half too.... If you go up that way make sure you have crampons, ice axe and a helmet. We had snow shoes but the snow condiitons in the early morning were great for crampons not so great for after mid day.