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Southland snow conditions
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Posted 1:16 PM 1/13/2005

This is an amazing and somewhat grim, time.  I've been planning a overnite snow camping trip for this weekend, and the problem is finding access to a reasonable place.

Mt. Pinos is no good.  The road up the mountain is solid ice, and for all practical purposes, impassible.  CHP will probably not even allow people up there.

The rangers just told me that Angeles Crest Highway is closed in La Canada, except to local traffic, due to rockslides and road damage.

For simple snowshoeing or xc skiing, I'd say best bets would be North side of San Gorgonio (South Fork Trail).  Ranger says road is good, although icy.  Will have to do a little digging at the parking lot trailhead....not cleared, and cannot park on the road. 

The other likely option would be Manker Flats, on Baldy.  However, the road is closed right now at Icehouse canyon, due to rockslides on the road!  (May open tomorrow, they say)

For overnites, those would be options.  I'm also going to explore the Angeles Crest Highway from the East, although parking near the road closure may be a problem.


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Posted 6:38 PM 1/13/2005
Your best bet would be to drive to Palm Springs and take the aerial tramway  up to 8500 ft. Sorry about the long drive.
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Posted 7:32 PM 1/13/2005
And that may be what we do.  I've just been trying to find some things that are not such a drive.  However, we always have to take what the mountains will give us!
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Posted 11:46 AM 1/16/2005
Not sure if you've already gone Ken, but friends were up at the South Fork Trail parking lot (on Jenks Lake Road, right?) on Thursday and were able to park with no problems. Hope you had/have a great trip :)