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NEW! Mountain Warfare Training Challenge
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Posted 3:12 PM 1/12/2005

NEW! Mountain Warfare Training Challenge - May 21

The New Mountain Warfare Training Challenge is a high-altitude 10K Off-road Obstacle Run, located in Northern California's Mountain Warfare Training Center near Bridgeport, CA. Double points for this challenging event!

Visit our website for all the race series information at

Revenue generated from these Camp Pendleton MCCS activities goes back to support quality of life programs for our Marines, Sailors, and their families.

I've done the mud run before and it was the most fun I've ever had running.  Running at 7to 8k in early spring should be interesting. 

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Posted 11:10 AM 1/14/2005

Hm, so how serious are you about this? I mean, how important is it for you to run a good time? I might be interested, but should probably sign up as individual... I may cross the finish line after dark! Are you signed up already?

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Posted 12:02 PM 1/14/2005

Let's see; it's a four hundred mile drive, it'll be wet, cold, muddy, good chance there will still be snow on the ground, and it's the highest elevation I've ever run in my life.  Yea! it sounds like fun.   

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Posted 12:12 PM 1/14/2005
Run, yeah right.  More like fast walk with short periods of running down hill.
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Posted 12:31 PM 1/14/2005
I'll bet you a bottle of Meran's best water, three rounds in the ring with Rudy, and an aluminum foil sculpture,  I can take you in this race?
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Posted 10:31 AM 1/15/2005

hmmmm, strangely enough, this sounds fun in a twisted sort of way.  thinking about it...

for all you who have been at camp pendleton, what is the course really like and how strenuous is it?  how fit do you have to be to partake in this mud bath? 

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Posted 6:06 PM 1/15/2005
Hey, linalee,

I did the mud run a while back. In terms of being fit enough, keep in mind you can walk as much of the course as you want (as long as you can put up with the good-natured taunting by the Marines "guarding" the route). So, even if you're in semi-slug-mode (as I was), you'll enjoy yourself.

I should probably note that I ran in the autumn race, so the temps were cooler, and the mud a whole lot less stank (according to other veteran mud-runners). Be prepared to throw away your race clothes and shoes after the event if you run in the early summer race....peee-ewwww.
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Posted 11:50 PM 1/15/2005

Mud run can be as serious as you wanted to be. Ask Rudy he placed 3rd last year? While some of us manage to put a team together and had a blast doing it. Our time was lousy but ahhh who cares??? Look at the pics under profile every body was laughing at one point or another..... I did not posted the pics that showed pain......

BJ.... eeeeh dude if I remember correctly we did a 3+ mile loop in Utah at an elevation of 7K........ Better watch out Jason !!!!

I think I want to do this race !!!

Yeah for fun.......always....!!

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Posted 11:10 AM 1/19/2005


Lets do it Brian.  Lets organize some training trail runs.

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Posted 11:53 PM 1/22/2005

sounds like fun, but does anyone know how much of it is actual running, and how much is the obstacles?  I probably can't do a whole lot of just running these days with my chronic tendonitis.