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ODC in OC Metro magazine
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Posted 4:36 AM 1/12/2005

The ODC has been featured in the OC Metro   Isnt that great. I came across it by chance. What a wonderful surprise.  The link is


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Posted 8:05 AM 1/12/2005

This is a nice article.  Kind of funny to read, as it is a bit dated.  However, everything in it is still true, and it is well written.


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Posted 10:22 PM 1/14/2005
Are my eyes just really tired...or was there no link or Club contact info in that article?  How is somebody who reads the article able to get hooked up with the Club?  Maybe a Google search.  But it seems to me, that unless my eyes are so tired that I entirely missed it, the Club's URL should have been mentioned.
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Posted 6:41 AM 1/15/2005

So true, Adam. 

Of course, this was not a paid advertisment, and the job of the newspaper is not to hook up people and the ODC, and there is no way to control what a newspaper reporter writes.

So, in a sense, it would be like a person giving a eulogy at a ODC'ers funeral being criticized for not giving the ODC URL.........

But what do they say....there is no bad publicity? would have been nice......

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Posted 7:11 PM 1/15/2005
Actually, it does give the Outdoorsclub URL. Here's a direct quote from the article:

"You see, I signed up as a member of a website-centered outdoor club at Now my mail box is filled with invitations to such outdoor excursions as..."

It is a bit dated. I couldn't find a date for when the article was written or posted on the OCMetro site though. Is that not there or are my eyes just missing it?
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Posted 12:59 PM 1/16/2005
If you look at the url, you will see that the original ODC article was published in the June 26, 2003, issue of OC Metro.

So the ODC and/or ODC people have been published in OC Metro in each year since 2003 (this is actually a shameless plug for the article that was just published in the January, 2005, edition).

June 26, 2003 - The ODC

Novemeber 25, 2004 - Cactus-to-Clouds Hike

January 6, 2005 - Canyoneering