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Got Snowshoes, San Gorgonio on Sunday?
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Posted 2:30 PM 1/10/2005

Looks like we're going to get a break in the weather this weekend.  Time to get out and play.  Anyone interested in a day hike up San Gorgonio this Sunday?  I'm planning at 6 a.m. start. I expect we'll be on snow from the trailhead and you'll need snowshoes?

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Posted 4:15 PM 1/10/2005
Do we hafta know what we're doing?
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Posted 4:26 PM 1/10/2005

Damn BJ if I was not going to Tahoe I would love to go.  I snowshoed up Vivian last week after the last break in the storm and it was awesome! 

Fresh powder everywhere!

Becareful I heard the bridge was washed out going up the Valley of the Falls road, but if it is not you might need chains going up the last mile.

Tell me how it is I usually go up in the morning before work.... 

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Posted 5:00 PM 1/10/2005
Might be interested if the Sat. trip to Big Bear/San Jacinto is cancelled. We may not walk at the same pace though :)
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Posted 5:02 PM 1/10/2005



Well let's see; Mill Creek could be running pretty strong (could make the crossing tough), we would be traveling before dawn till after dusk (okay if you have a headlamp), the trail will be covered by snow (may require some navigation skills), and it's about 5000 feet of altitude and 15 miles round-trip in the snow (it's going to be a a** kicker).  If that doesn't scare you, well then, I guess you don't that hafta?  But you could shorten that road to the grave if you don't!


Although I was impressed by your profile going from snowshoe 101 on Saturday, to this on Sunday may be a bit of a stretch. But, if you're still interested drop me an e-mail and we'll talk.



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Posted 11:07 PM 1/11/2005

Highway 38 - Interstate 1o t0 Onyx Summit

Rock and mud slides have closed Highway 38 from Interstate 10 to Onyx Summit.  Currently there is no access to Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks and Big Bear communities.

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Posted 2:57 PM 1/12/2005

Thanks Ken,

I talked to the Mill Creek ranger station yesterday, they said the road would be open today.  I clicked through your link and it looks like they were right.  Just hope they have time to plow the trailhead parking lot.  Weather reports looking good. We have four people in the group now there's still room for a couple more.