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Early Spring Overnight Backpack Trip in The San Ga
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Posted 12:01 PM 1/9/2005
This thread has been created as a forum to discuss the following trip:

Trip Name: Early Spring Overnight Backpack Trip in The San Gabriels
Date: from 2/12/2005 to 2/13/2005
Posted by: Travis Linds

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 10:57 PM 1/24/2005

hey travis.  glad to hear you are out and about again. 

how long is the hike going to be with the new route?  what about the elevation? 

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Posted 8:45 PM 1/29/2005

Yep, I am back, hiked up to Echo Mnt. today and met Jason at the trailhead and hiked up with him, this was the first hike we met.

Anyway, this is trip # 22 in the Robinson 101 hikes book if you have it. 5.5 miles one way and 2400' elevation gain. It Should take about 3 hours to get to camp depending on the speed of our hikers, I will be a little slower than before, so say 4 hours at the most. It is a nice, easy wide trail/road with informational signs all the way up with pictures of the old railway.


Looking forward to hiking with you again,


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Posted 10:07 PM 2/1/2005

Hey Travis,

Hope this question isn't too silly - will there be snow at the elevation we are camping at? 


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Posted 8:33 AM 2/8/2005

can anyone carpool from 'the oc'? i can fit two more people in my car or ride w/someone. (hoping to mooch off an adventure pass really) :)


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Posted 11:26 PM 2/9/2005
I'm heading out from Redlands... Anyone coming from the area want to carpool? I can drive or split gas $/provide CDs