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What to do during bad weather?
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Posted 3:50 PM 1/7/2005
I have only lived in So Cal a little over five years. But it seems to me the weather we currently have is one of the worst in the past five years (in terms of duration at least). Can't do any "outdoor" thing whatsoever. How do you guys spend the weekend when weather is like this? Oh, don't tell me go swimming at indoor pool.
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Posted 4:00 PM 1/7/2005
I put on the gore tex and go trail running and if I am up to it I snowshoe to Baldy Notch from Manker Flats. You can always go skiing and if you are really hardcore county line has the best storm surf break, but beware of the locals.
Then there is always Ice Skating and the indoor climbing gym.

Good Luck
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Posted 4:11 PM 1/7/2005
Tequila party!
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Posted 3:38 AM 1/8/2005

I can think of two things

Find the highest building and walk up the stairs several times. I take the elevator down

Put on a raincoat, take an umbrella and walk up a mountain road. There is no mud that way.

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Posted 8:00 AM 1/8/2005

Catch-up and enjoy!

Last night I walked the dog 2 miles to get some dinner.  I am cleaning out a closet this morning and then the attic.  After I hit the gym, I am going to Angie's to help her paint...

Sometimes we get so caught up doing the outdoors stuff that we neglect stuff at home.  This is a great way to be grounded and take care of things.

Californians tent to forget that rain is a summer event in much of this country.  Having camped and cycled thousands of miles across this country in the rain, I have grown to enjoy the opportunity at times.  And then there is the occasional ride in the snow... 

What ever you do, make it count and enjoy it!

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Posted 4:44 PM 1/8/2005
Sung, I just got back from a long tromp in the rain on the beach.   It's a great way to get outdoors, and get that sense of solitude -- no one's out there when it's blustery and rainy. And if you hike in the deep sand, you get a nice workout.   Put on those waterproof boots, and go splash in some puddles!
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Posted 11:36 PM 1/8/2005

I went trail running today.. Got my mp3 playing and gore tex kept me dry. It was fun getting my shoes/feet all muddy.. you ought to try it.....It brings out the kid in you. 

G'd luck