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Ski/Board -- Mountain High
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Posted 6:41 PM 1/5/2005
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Trip Name: Ski/Board -- Mountain High
Date: from 1/18/2005 to 1/18/2005
Posted by: JimM

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 12:57 PM 1/7/2005


Between 7:00 and 7:15 (7:30 is the drop dead time), let's meet at the Park-N-Ride near Raging Waters. Exit the 57 at Via Verde; make a right at the end of the off-ramp (assuming you're coming from the 210); the park-n-ride lot is immediately past the overpass on your right (next to a Union 76 station). I can drive -- no problem .....assuming one of you don't mind being squeezed into the back seat. We can put the hardware in the truck bed and stuff the soft goods inside. Due to the missing rear window, my camper shell provides limited protection.

Reminder: I drive a white Toyota Tundra (w/white shell). I am a Caucasian male.....vertically enhanced and fat challenged (PC for tall and thin). Plz share a similar brief description so we can keep an eye out for each other.

I will purchase the tickets next week. We can $ettle when we meet -- cool? Thanks.

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Posted 1:21 PM 1/7/2005

Hi Jim

Carpool info is great. I am in between jobs right now. Are you getting the discounted tickets from Ralphs? When are you planning on buying them? I am committed to the 1/18 date but if a job opening comes up for me then I would drop from your trip, which is not very likely. I don't want you to buy a ticket for me yet until I am sure I can come. Thanks, Barbara

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Posted 1:28 PM 1/7/2005


Sorry to hear about the job situation (assuming it's not a good thang) 

I am not getting the tix from Ralph's.  I will purchase them on the 14th or 17th.  I fully understand about the job situation -- NO PROBLEM!  You're under ZERO obligation.  You've made the situation clear and I agree, so don't concern yourself about it.  If I buy the ticket and you are unable to join us, it will not go to waste    It'll be my call to buy/not buy.  Okay?  Thanks.