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Local Snow - Pinos
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Posted 4:18 PM 1/5/2005
Here's a report from the Mt. Pinos/Frazier Park area:

Well, we wanted snow, we have snow, lots of snow. Frazier Park got 50 inches from this last storm, and more xpected this weekend. Local and Forest Service personnel were/are stranded in their homes. Some without power, phone, water.

There is an estimated 7 to 8 feet of snow on top...

Due to the partial closure of Interstate 5, all available snow moving equipment as been allocated to that assignment. At this time, the road above Mcgill Campground has not been touched,and this last storm brought at least 4 feet of the white stuff...

The bottom line is, with another big storm on the way expected to dump another couple of feet, there is a slim chance of the upper road being cleared or opened up by this weekend.
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Posted 9:16 PM 1/5/2005
J-D, I'm looking at the area for the following weekend.   I'm wondering if there is a logical place that a group could park near the closure, then ski -on snow- or snoweshoe up higher, perhaps to a campground area?
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Posted 10:32 PM 1/5/2005
Hi Ken. Well first you should call the Los Padres ranger station in Frazier Park ( and be sure that the main road is open from the interstate to the junction with Mil Potrero Rd. Continuing uphill on Mt. Pinos Rd there are a number of turnoffs on either side. I'm sure there's a turnoff before at least one of the two snow gates, which will likely be closed. So basically drive up the hill until you reach the road closure. Then drop back down to the nearest large turnoff and flag down your group as they arrive.

Hard to believe, but the road above Mil Potrero junction might be totally snowed in. Hiking/skiing uphill, you'd reach McGill campground first. Higher up is Mt. Pinos campground. With a few feet of snow on the road, even that will be a nice "wilderness" experience. And just imagine the fun skiing back down to the car!
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Posted 9:18 AM 1/6/2005
Update on Mt. Pinos road conditions:

As of this morning, Mil Potrero road leading to the Pine Mountain Club is "a tunnel" through snow and there is no place to pull off the road. Upper Mt. Pinos road is completely snowed in and will most likely be inaccessible through this weekend's expected snow storm.

CHP is towing vehicles stuck and parked in the middle of Mil Potrero Rd. This is not a good time to even scout the area and of course no possibility of parking and skiing/shoeing...