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Mt Baldy Snow
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Posted 5:49 AM 1/4/2005
2-3 feet of snow and all 4 lifts open!!! Guess where I'm going this weekend? :o) ps....emoticons are broken -boo-hoo-
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Posted 6:33 AM 1/4/2005

Hi Emily - Here is a website you will enjoy


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Posted 12:01 PM 1/4/2005
hey Em, are you doing it on one board or two?  I'll have to check Baldy out sometime this year.
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Posted 12:05 PM 1/4/2005
I think a better question for Em would be if she will be doing shoes or boots!
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Posted 12:57 PM 1/4/2005

Thanks for the link Cyril. It looks pretty cool.

Patti...I'm spending more time on my butt than anything so it really doesn't matter which and Trudy should get your butts up there! You too Patti.

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Posted 10:14 PM 2/20/2005

Heading up to Baldy tomorrow... if you or anybody you know wants to join me, carpool, etc.

Leaving from West LA Monday morning around too @$%$%^%$ early.... err I mean 8AM.

Call 425-503-8311