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* FREE for THREE ! * Gym Climbing
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Posted 5:45 PM 1/3/2005
This thread has been created as a forum to discuss the following trip:

Trip Name: * FREE for THREE ! * Gym Climbing
Date: from 1/18/2005 to 1/18/2005
Posted by: Gennifer Gatan

Please post any question or comments about the trip below.
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Posted 12:20 PM 1/4/2005
I'd like to join you on this if anyone cancels. I'm new to this - have done indoor at the gym one or two times, and did an outdoor manmade wall about 10 years ago.
[User Deleted]
Posted 9:16 PM 1/9/2005
Would really enjoy the climbing, if you have any room, let me know if anyone backs out. I am a beginner at climbing, and new to the area.