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Chris Johnson (leader)
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Event Information
Event Name Backpack to Panamint City
Event Date/Time 1/28/2005 N/A to 1/30/2005 N/A
Location in COSTA MESA, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description

Short notice for sure!

Myself and two others are hiking to Panamint City for a long weekend at the end of January. The hike is short but brutal, gaining about 4,000' in elevation over roughly 6 miles.

Panamint City is located in the Panamint mountain range on the Western border of Death Valley. Trailhead is Chris Wicht camp outside Ballarat in Inyo county. Nearest respectable town is Ridgecrest. There are many mines in the direct vicinity of town and a few structures in various stages of decay, dating from as far back as a century and as recent as a few decades. There are two useable cabins with woodstoves but tents are highly recommended.

Temperatures recently have ranged from just over freezing up to the mid 60's. Lots of water is available.

If there's any interest, I'm willing to extend the trip and leave a day early - lots to explore! I could probably fit one passenger with myself and Buddy the Superdog. Any other transportation will be your responsibility.