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Gennifer Gatan (leader)
Event Details
Trip Report
WOW - what a great turnout! We owned Rock City for the nite! Thanks everyone, for coming in to play! Thanks for your patience & teamwork... y'all made it a fun climb. A great bunch of folks pitched in: Winnie, Brian Jennings, & Romi - who graciously took on and worked with the newbies, and Rock City owner Shawn Crawford, for giving us the discount, & for Rock City's relaxed, mellow atmosphere. You are much appreciated! So watch for the next post - apparently this is gonna be a monthly thing (thanks, Shawn!)... Hope to see y'all next time!
Event Information
Event Name ODC NITE IN *1/2 OFF for 20 !* Gym Climbing
Event Date/Time 2/3/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in ANAHEIM, CA
Event Type Canyoneering, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Caving, Rappelling, Ice Climbing
Event Description

It's boys and girls' night in... indoor climbing, that is! Join us for a friendly evening of climbin’ and clamberin’ !

Rock City is a fun, cozy indoor rock climbing gym in Anaheim Hills. This Thursday 7p - 9p, it's half-price for ODC folks -  only $6 for a day pass! Gear rentals extra at $3 - $5. Pre-pay at the door.

All levels welcome - great way to hook up with potential climbing buddies. Hunnies, sweeties, your boss, and your cousin Jeb much welcome too: Do have them sign up individually, instead of "+1." Do drop asap if you can't come after all, so we can add folks off waitlist. (If you don't, and you flake, you know which list you get on. )

It's my first time hosting an event for a group this size, so COMMON COURTESIES, ALL: Introduce yourselves, play team, and offer to switch belay duties sometimes. Newbies and First-timers: Do say so under "Comments."

I'm there 7p prompt... Rock City is off the 91, on La Palma Avenue & right where Kellogg Drive ends. It's a fairly small gym, yet packs a ton of fun!

Maps, fees, pics et al: