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ken riedel (leader)
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Event Name Mt. Wilson Trail from Sierra Madre -- Yeah Baby!
Event Date/Time 2/12/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in SIERRA MADRE, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description


This is the hike from Jan 15th, rescheduled.  I scouted the trail and it's fine.  The sections of mountain that slid off durign the storms left large areas of exposed topsoil that make the scenery even more interesting.

It's a long hike with plenty of elevation gain.  Something to really get your heart pumping.  As a reward for your efforts, you'll be able to shlepp into work Monday and experience something like this:


You (to co-worker): Good (groan) morning.

Co-worker:  Mornin'.  You OK?

You:  Oh sure, I'm (sigh) fine.  I just went on a little hike on Saturday.

Co-worker: A hike?  Was it a long one?

You: Oh just a little (grunt) jaunt.  15 miles.  With 5000 feet or so of elevation gain.

Co-worker: Oh my!  I had no idea you were so strong!  Why, your sinewy muscles must be so exhausted and sore!  Here, let me get you a nice cup of coffee.  You just relax at your desk today and surf the web.

You: Oh no, that's really (groan) not necessary.

Co-worker 2 (evesdropping from the next cube): Can I help?  Can I do all your work for you today?  And maybe tomorrow too?

Co-worker 3:  Can I give you a massage?

Co-worker 4:  Ooh!  I get to give a massage next!  Can I? Please?


You see, by going on this hike you'll be giving your co-workers an excellent opportunity to be of service.  And that builds character.  So do it for them.

Meet at trailhead at 7:30AM.
We'll keep hiking till we reach the top, or the trail becomes impassible (storms may have caused significant damage).
Scroll to bottom for Mapquest link to trailhead.
Distance: 15 miles round trip on trail
Gain: 4800'
Time: 9-10 hours round trip
Rating: Class 1, strenuous
Navigation: Easy

Original: Southern Courtney, March 1991


  • From the intersection of I-210 and Baldwin Avenue in Sierra Madre, drive north on Baldwin to Mira Monte Avenue. Turn right (east).
  • Go 2 blocks more to the start of the Mount Wilson Trail. Park here.