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Daniel Robertson (leader)
Event Details
Event Information
Event Name Mt. Biking easy to moderate
Event Date/Time 1/19/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in SAN DIEGO, CA
Event Type Road Biking, Mountain Biking
Event Description

I am new to Mt. biking in San Diego and I am looking for places to ride.  If anyone wants to reply to this then let me know.  I don't really know any locations so help me out please.  I ride a decent front suspension bike and would like to get out and ride.  If any one is up for a ride after 12 noon I woulld like to get to know some local trails.  Sorry if this is a broad posting being that I don't even have a location but I have to start some where right? I live in the Mira Mesa area just to let anyone know where I am coming from. For the update look at the bottom paragraph!!

If I do get some people together I would recommend eating lunch before hand.  Water is always recommended on a ride, maybe a small snack.  I recommend a helmet but that is up to the rider and bring whatever else you feel is appropriate. Thanks

UPDATE!!!! I have decided to add to this now.  If no one comes up with a better place I have decided to go to Miramar Lake.  I am going to explore the side trails there.  I noticed a few I would like to try out.  I want to take the trails up to the new look out park  on the far side of the lake if there are trials that make it there.  If anyone is up to exploring a bit or knows the area I plan to go out around 1 PM.  I am going to park in the Miramar lake lot.  If you need info let me know.