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Joe McLain (leader)
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Event Name Skydiving trip
Event Date/Time 2/26/2005 from N/A to N/A
Event Type Fishing, Adventure Racing, Hang Gliding, Para Sailing, Sky Diving, Photography, Off Roading, Beach Volleyball, Paintball, Adventure Travel, Horseback Riding, Ultimate Frisbee, Geocaching, Yoga
Event Description Have you ever wanted to fling yourself at the planet? Let's go!

There's no other experience that can approach skydiving. I'm not saying nothing's this enjoyable (that would be silly), I'm just saying nothing can give you this feeling short of actually doing it. It's nothing like roller coasters, bungee jumping or wind tunnels. The rush of the freefall; the serenity of the canopy ride; the beauty of seeing the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. It's something that has to be experienced; it can't be explained.

I love skydiving and have found that a lot of people have always wanted to go but never actually done it. Let's go out and jump together! You can jump from about 13000' and freefall down to 6000' before the parachute is deployed. From there it's a beautiful canopy ride down to the ground and the view is as spectacular as the experience.

Skydive Santa Barbara is actually located in Lompoc, one hour north of Santa Barbara. We typically land in the riverbed (dry) right next to the airport where there's plenty of nice soft sand to come in to. You'll be jumping tandem so you don't have to worry about a thing. It's like being a passenger in a car; you get to enjoy the ride and let the driver do all the work. Please visit the following URL for more details:

Holler at me if you have any questions. Remember: If sitting in an airplane is flying then sitting in a boat is swimming. Get out of the vehicle and into the medium. Skydive!