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Event Name snow hike - fish creek - hart bar
Event Date/Time 1/15/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in BIG BEAR, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description

Update - Snow hike eve

South fork it is - We will need to register at Mill Creek Ranger Station- they also sell adventure passes if you do not have one for the year or day

A nice winter snowshoe hike- 8 miles round trip if we go all the way.   This is the 4x4 road I drive to get to the bottom of fish creek saddle.   It is closed for the winter.  We will be hiking the road all the way there and back. Will be all beauty.  Some of you may have driven on it.    

May need a 4x4 to pull off the road- please research this on your own.  I have a 4x4 but will be traveling along - I am going to stay on the mountian for the night.  Also South fork is an option- The ranger station told me about that.  I am going to secure permits Tomorrow Firday - I am researching south fork as we speak -  

We can meet at the Mill CreeK Ranger Station at 8-9am - hart bar is about  30 or so miles after that.  Weather looks good.  I wil update this tomorrow night.