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Ricky Knack (leader)
Event Details
Event Information
Event Name Mid-Day Mtn Bike Ride: San Clemente Canyon
Event Date/Time 1/20/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in SAN DIEGO, CA
Event Type Road Biking, Mountain Biking
Event Description

San Clemente Canyon/Marian Bear Park (just off of the 52 between the 5 and 805) in San Diego offers a little bit of everything from wide-open maintenance trails to near single track. Plenty of cross-country type riding, including some thigh and lung burning uphills with the payoff being some pretty quick downhills. Essentially, you can make this trail, with its many sidetrails into the canyons, as easy or as difficult as you would like.   

You will need some version of a non-road bike (hybrid, front suspension, full suspension, full-on bomber, whatever you have will work) and a helmet. Water is always nice to have as well. A snack might be overkill, but then it's always good to have something to crunch on at the end of one of those uphill climbs, and there seem to be picnic tables in the most unlikely of places scattered throughout. If you plan on falling a lot, a first-aid kit might be helpful. This is by no means an exhaustive nor exclusive list, so any other supplies that you can't live without, feel free to bring.  

There are a couple of potential places to meet. I will be at the Genesee entrance at noon and hitting the trail by 12:15'ish (depending on the number of people, if any, who sign up).

Directions: Take the 5/805/163/15 to the 52. If you take the 5, head east on the 52, otherwise head west and get off at the Genesee exit (I think it's the 2nd exit from the 5, and any number of exits from the others). There will be a parking lot on the south side of the freeway. Me, my jeep, and my bike will be there by noon.

Place: San Clemente Canyon

Difficulty: As Easy/Difficult As You Would Like

Time: January 20, 2005       Noon - ? (Most likely 2'ish)