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Ken Murray (leader)
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Event Name Huntington Lake weekend trailwork/east of Fresno
Event Date/Time 5/19/2005 N/A to 5/22/2005 N/A
Location in PINEDALE, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description

This trip is full, and no more people will be taken off the waiting list, so there is no use in signing up.  Look for our next trip!

Ray Shine, your e-mail does not appear to work!

First trip of the year with the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew!

This is an excellent opportunity for people to get experience camping with a group of highly experienced people. You need to know nothing. This is one in a series of volunteer projects to do need work clearing trails and fixing facilities. A number of ODC people participated last year, and I only got positive feedback from them! Apparently they give you so much food you'll have to go on a diet! From their information page:
Activity Statement

The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew will assist the United States Forest Service by providing educational programs designed to educate the general public along with public education institutions of the benefits of preserving our nation’s natural environment. By recruiting and training these individuals, we are able to provide the highest level of service promoting watershed protection, infrastructure maintenance and facilities maintenance all within the objectives and guidelines of the United States Forest Service.

Join us for the most rewarding work you'll ever do, in the most beautiful setting anywhere, among the greatest group of people you'll ever know. We'll feed you, teach you, challenge you, make you laugh, and leave you with good friends, new experiences, and happy memories. And, well, maybe a couple of callouses too. It's free and all are welcome. First-come, first-served with preference given to returning volunteers. Bring the kids, bring Grandma, bring your dog. Pack your favorite lawn chair, s'mors ingredients, adult beverages and good cheer (leave the boomboxes at home) and join us for an unforgettable experience. 

Dogs are welcome.



Huntington Lake
May 19th to 22nd   thurs-sun  All, or part. 
The goal of this trip is to finish the painting of the bear boxes and finish building and installing the Trail Head signs. We still have many signs to construct and then we have to install them; this is no small task and will require a large group of volunteers. We have offered to repair the water system at the USFS site and at the Visitors center. We are also planning to paint the shower house and winter ranger cabin across from our campsite. Depending on weather and snow levels we will do recon and prep work for our trips later in the summer.
Rated Levels 4 and 5 ** see below for descriptions

We plan to work on the following trails:

California Riding and Hiking trail: from Badger Flat to Potter Pass

Potter Creek trail: (Potter Pass Cutoff trail) from Kaiser Pass Road to Potter Pass

Kaiser Loop Trail: from D & F Pack Station to College Rock and on to snowline

Kaiser Loop Trail: from D & F Pack Station to Billie Creek trailhead

Kaiser Loop Trail: from Billie Creek trailhead toward Nellie Lake to snowline
Rated Level 3 ** see below for description

You may arrive thursday afternoon, or later. Some come up after work on Friday.  We generally work all day friday and saturday, but have sunday off to explore the area/travel home.  Many people do local hikes of areas that crews have found particularly nice.

Trip Rating System 2005 

Level 3 Rated Base Camp – Challenging
This is still phys