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The weather was raining before hand which caused some to drop. Saturday cleared up and the trip was great. We returned down Millard Canyon and had some fun, the water was high, many difficult creek crossings. It was a great group, except for the Yuca murderer. But there is always a bad one in the bunch :) More trips to come. My back was fine! Almost back to full speed :) Travis
Event Information
Event Name Early Spring Overnight Backpack Trip in The San Gabriels
Event Date/Time 2/12/2005 N/A to 2/13/2005 N/A
Location in ALTADENA, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description


I got word that the Henninger flats road will be closed for at least 2
months, the gate is closed and locked and the trail very dangerous.
However, this weekend my wife, baby girl (they will not be on this trip = no crying baby) and I hiked half way up to Mnt. Lowe Camp with no problems via the Sunset Ridge Fireroad. There were a few washouts, but we were able to cross with our stroller (portage as we called it) so all is good for making it to Mnt. Lowe. The Echo Mnt. trail is officially closed but people still hiking it, there are 2 major washouts but you can scramble across. So if anyone is interested, we could hike down this route, but I am planning on going up and and down the sunsetridge fire road and connecting onto the old mnt. Lowe railway bed to the
campsite at the location of the old Mnt. Lowe Tavern.

So this is officially the plan. We will meet at 10:00 am on Feb. 12 at the
start of the Sunset Ridge fireroad near Millard Campground. The easiest
directions are as follows:

Follow Fair Oaks Ave North in Pasadena/Altadena all the way up near the
mountains, turn left on Loma Alta at a 5 way intersection with stop signs.
Drive anout 1/4 of a mile, through one stop sign, then take a right on the
next road called "Chaney Trail Drive" Follow this windy road all the way
up until is splits. To the right is the gate to the Sunset Ridge Fire
road, park here. We will be hiking at 10:00 am so be early and be packed.
If you start heading downhill towards Millard campground you went too far.
There will be other cars parked here, and you may have to park along the
road heading down toward Millard Campground. You need an Adventure Pass. I
have an extra 1 year Adventure Pass that I just started this weekend (good
until the end of Jan 2006) that I will sell for $20.

I will have my cell, but reception is spotty at the trailhead. Cell #

Looking forward to this trip, it will be fun and nowhere near as Advanced
as I initially thought. But it will get cold at night and during a night
at this same location last year we saw a Cougar (Mnt. Lion) right within
the campsite (about 20 ft away from us)so we will take all the precautions
and make sure to cache all food and anything with a smell - no exceptions.
I can guarantee that I will have fire, so we don't need 15 stoves :)